November 3, 2004

Some Observations............

Ten of my fellow classmates and I gathered at one of our apartments last night for an election party and boy were they all pissed around mid-night! We settled on Pete to bring home the results to us, but mainly because the TV we were watching from only had 5 channels and that one came in the best. I thought he did a good job though.

Well I must say I was surprised with the outcome of the Presidential race. Perhaps I shouldn't have relied so much on this, but I figured Bush's number was up anyway. Then I log onto CNN and see this. What!?! Kerry's conceeding? I thought Edwards was going to fly out to Ohio with 40 lawyers and make sure all the provisional votes were counted, thus dragging this thing out for another month. I guees he thought it would be best for the country to not do that. And may I say, good move.

The one thing that surprised me was how quickly Florida went to Bush. When I saw that I thought....oooo, looks like Bush could pull it out. Then the Ohio votes started comming with 91% of precincts reporting....95, 98 showing Bush's lead over Kerry by at least 127,00. Late last night with about 99% of Ohio precincts reporting, CNN had Bush ahead by more than 147,000 votes. Then when JE went on stage in Boston for that 45 second speech, I said yep its over. They essentially conceeded Ohio (Even though CNN and ABC just wouldn't give it to Bush, there were being so carefull, but can you blame them?).

According to the polls going into the last week, it appeared Kerry had made his case (although some think he did not). From what I read it was clear that Kerry won at least two out of the three debates (if not all three) with Bush. I did see their second one, and in my opinion, Kerry bettered W. in that one. I figured that America had seen that W. made some pretty bad mistakes in Iraq, had come up short in the debates, and had mis-manage the entire country as a whole. With all of this Kerry should have won by at least 50 electoral votes.

However, one of the Ohio newspapers that endorsed W. made a good point: Bush and Kerry are not the best choices for President, but let Bush finish the job he started. I guess America didn't want a transition in the middle of the war on terroism. It could have sent a bad message to certain countries that we couldn't finish the job and we did not think the eleminating these guys was important. Thats the primary reason I think Bush is still President. Look at how many mistakes he has made, how many dumb things he has said and how many people hate him (I don't need a link for that all know). Yet he still wins? Hmmmmm.

It is very surprising Kerry could not convince the country to elect him especially considering the above. Man, not only did he not win the electoral vote, but Bush won a majority this time!

Well like him or not Bush is our guy for the next four years.

Mmmmmmm tax cuts......


In a completely unrelated topic, if you want to know some things about transportation data, click here. I got a B+ on it.

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