November 2, 2004

Well Crap

Things are not looking good. Bush is up by 3 million popular votes nationwide. I think that Kerry will come up as more California votes come in. The EC does not look good. Fox and NBC have called Ohio for Bush which puts him at 269; one short of victory. CNN and the AP have not called Ohio. I think only Ohio can save Kerry at this point and I don't think Kerry can win Ohio tonight. We could be in recount land here. As final note, I really think that Wolf Blizer is a funny name for a grown man.


Laura said...

Anyone else ready to move to Canada?

jess said...

From San Diego, that weather differential would be tough. So the people I was with last night had another plan. We're starting a commune and moving to costa rica. Beaches. Umbrella drinks. The whole deal. Austrailia is also under consideration.