November 2, 2004

Craig's Voting Story

I braved long lines, GOP poll watchers, and a horde of lawyers to vote this morning. I bravely sorted through no less than 20 Statewide and local propositions. I am very worried I picked the wrong guy for Harbor Commissioner. I am worried that I don't know what the Harbor Commission does. I was lucky to have escaped with my life much less have voted at all. Actually in sleepy California the polling place was not crowded and there wasn't a lawyer to be seen. They had to check three different lists to find me but I got to vote just fine. I am totally serious about the massive number of ballot measures and the Harbor Commission.

The first votes are on the AP now. It's just Indiana and Kentucky so I would not worry.

Tiiiiime is on my side yes it is...Tiiiiime is on my side. The early exits have filled me with false hope.

I must now be very clear:

Get your ass to polls! Right Now! Move! If you live in Kentucky or Indiana it's already too late! Less than five hours left in California! Move!

By the way, if you haven't mailed your absentee ballot in you can still turn it in directly to your polling place. If you are out of town and didn't mail in your absentee ballot then good job, idiot! You may have just cost us the election.

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Tyler said...

Who ever gets either Michigan, Ohio or Florida will most likey win, that'll be the indicator.

(Thats from my studying of