November 13, 2004

Entourage Needed

Craigorian Chant is in need of an entourage. Please read this helpful guide provided by Slate and then apply for the position as

Seriously though, Craigorian Chant is in the market for contributors and analysis. The end of the election season makes quick and easy posts harder to come up with. As I do need to make it out of this town with a MA under one arm and still maintain the high quality posts you my loyal reader have come to expect. Please send in any tips, good news stories, interesting web sites, either my e-mail or in the comments section. Original work, either reporter or analysis will be rewarded with the highest honor the Chant can now grant: A Title. Join such notables as Senior Mid-West correspondent Tyler (Recently transferred to the Craigorian Chant So Cal section), Chief of the UK Bureau Chris, Senior Copy Editor Laura and Basic Cable Analyst Jess. You too can join these honored ranks. Contribute today. For a Better America. And a Better Blog.

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