November 14, 2004

Soldiers Pay

Sixty-one US soldiers have died since election day. If that seems like a lot, it is. It's the worst daily rate of casualties since the uprising last April. The much covered attack on Falluja was delayed until after election day so these casualties, which everyone knew were coming, wouldn't hurt Bush at the polls. What really drives liberals nuts is that Bush is getting away with it. He never pays. Soldiers Pay.

Oh, and while we are still talking Red States and Blues States, here is a stat for your consideration:

45.3% of the Iraq War dead are from Kerry States
53.0% are from Bush States

20 soldiers (1.7%) are from Puerto Rico or other US territories and died for a nation where they can't vote for President.

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Laura said...

It's not just the soldiers who are paying for Bush's incessant need to play war. Civilians in Fallujah are dying in large numbers as well, at least according to Al Jazeera. Admittedly, Al Jazeera may be a bit biased against the U.S., but since our media is getting their information from the military, we have to assume there is a bit of bias there as well.