November 9, 2004


Wow! A Left wing guy like Thom Hartmann said the election was hacked!?! I know he has nothing against, W., I mean he's only being doing liberal radio for 35 years. Come on the guy met the Dalai Lama! That right there has got to put him at least left of Green Peace.

Also, I highly doubt a publication (the blue lemur) which is supported by therawstory would in anyway try to be unbiased. They're a liberal answer to the Druge Report. Check it out. By the way, my dad is 17 years older than the combined age of the guys who run the site.

I typed Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked into Google and all I saw was blogs and left wing websites. None of the big boys have said a thing and the election was a week ago. (Yeah ok, I'm setting myself up).

But know this is just fodder for consipracy theorists.......

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Chris said...

MSNBC ran a story about potential voting fraud. You can watch the video if you have Windows Media Player.