November 1, 2004

Out of Time

Well it's the last day. These are desperate times. Things are getting nasty in Ohio. Are things getting weird where you are? Send in your stories. Personally, I don't think this election will be the razor sharp finish everyone seems to be expecting. This sucker is going to break for one guy or the other, and if it was going to break for Bush it would have happened by now. Forget CSI, Tuesday night will have the best TV drama of the year. My advice is to look at what States get quick calls after the polls close on the East Cost. If New Hampshire goes fast for Kerry, feel good, if it goes fast for Bush, feel bad. Also watch Pennsylvania and then Iowa and Wisconsin when polls close in central time. My guest is no network is going to call either Florida or Ohio till all the polls close in the lower 48. But if those states get called early somebody is winning big or some network is going to wear an egg or two. Slate and others will break the embargo on early exit polls so we could get some results much earlier in the day. Stay tuned sports fans.

Time is up and there is nowhere I would not link in order to encourage you to vote.

This is the time to stand up and be counted. From the beginning of time old men have started wars and young men have finished them. But here, in this time and this place we get to pick the old men. We can change the direction of the county. It will not be done with marches, with bombs or street theater. Go vote, go help and count on everyone else to do the same. Trust that I will do my part and I will trust you to do yours.

Hope, not fear.

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