October 30, 2005

Buddy, That's a Cliff Coming Up

The headline for today is After Upheavals, President Seeks to Steady Course. Bush isn't going to "clean house" or "change course" or do anything to signal that he will be doing anything different:

After weeks of political turmoil, capped by the indictment of a senior administration official, President Bush will try to give his second term a fresh start by naming a new conservative nominee to the Supreme Court and intensifying his drive to cut government spending, White House officials and other Republicans said.

But he appears to see little need for the wholesale housecleaning that previous administrations tried in times of upheaval to rebuild credibility, those officials said.

The administration's goal, they said, is to reassure its divided and demoralized conservative base, chalk up a few victories on Capitol Hill and set the stage for a more robust comeback next year after months of experiencing one misstep and setback after another.

Good luck with this. We will have to wait and see who Bush picks next for SCOTUS and I assume that sooner or later he will get someone on the Court, but the rest of his legislative agenda is dead. No one in Congress wants to line up with the guy with a 39% approval rating. The tax cuts of the first term were fun to vote for, But what Bush wants now is spending cuts. Cuts hurt. They are not popular and could cost a Congressman his job. Social Security reform is dead. Do they have anything left. Administrations now can't go on the air to talk about their "agenda" because they will have to spend all there time talking about Scooter. So good luck. Full steam ahead.

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