October 3, 2005

Reaction Shot

What a weird choice. In the aftermath of Katrina where the whole nation received a lesson on the dangers of cronyism, and then the President has picked the current WH counsel to be on the Supreme Court. White House counsel is the President's own lawyer. That's how she got this job. She knew the President and the President knew her. That's the only reason that she got this gig. There is nothing in her resume that to suggest that she is ready to serve on the highest court in the land. You could close your eyes throw a rock and hit one of hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers in DC that have a resume just like hers. The only thing special about Miers is that she's buddies with the President.


jess said...

Someone on npr this morning said that she said that W was the smartedst man she knows. Wow ... she needs to get out more.

And someone else mentioned that, while the prez of the texas bar, she tried, and failed, to change the org's official position to be pro-life. Lovely, eh?

Mostly, I'm bored. No one seems to really like or reallly hate this woman. The conservatives really don't like her that much. boring, boring, boring.

jess said...

it's a good thing that I can spell while I'm insulting other people's intelligence :)

That's me, smrt ;)

Laura said...

I think this is what makes this woman kind of scary to me. No one knows that much about her.

And what we do know so far, that she's a friend of Dubya and that she has never sat on the bench, is not very promising. What kind of long term damage is Bush's policy of cronyism going to do to this country?

Tyler said...

Come on! Its a woman..... What more do you want? I mean a woman......jeeze.....And besides, she gave $1000 to Al Gore back in 1988! Thats got to mean something. Don't worry, she won't help over throw the Roe v. Wade decision. She likes the idea of ripping babies feet first out of the womb and scraping their brains out through their noses.....fear not!

Seriously though, I'm pro-choice.