October 31, 2005

Your Halloween Message of Hope

Hope everyone is having a good time for Halloween. Any good ideas for costumes?

I would like to take this opportunity to say that no child has ever been poisoned by Halloween candy. This is one of those urban legends that has just grown completely out of control. Check out the invaluable Snopes for all kinds of info on tracking this one down. So no child should miss out on way too much sugar because of the fear of getting a razor blade in an apple. Who gives out apples anyway?

Back when my sister and I were trick-or-treating my dad would very carefully inspect all the candy we had scored. He would then confiscate anything that was "suspect." I now know that was just an excuse to swipe the best bits for himself. So beware of people trying to protect you. Really they're just trying to steal your candy.

1 comment:

Darcee said...

So that's why I never had any Snickers after Daddy inspected the candy. . . ;)