October 11, 2005

Speaking Up is Hard To Do

So yesterday I was in line at the grocery store and the guy in front of me has way too many items for the express line. And this was just not 11 items when the max was ten. We are talking a full basket. All the groceries you need for the next two weeks. Me and my three things are stuck behind this jerk. Now the choice I have is to say something and raise a stink or just let the guy go. Rather than triggering a shouting match or some other headache-inducing event I just waited and took a look at a National Inquirer. Ben Affleck is running for Senator! He's cheating on Jennifer! Political news in the tabloids! Is that guy done yet?

The point is that speaking up and making a fuss is hard to do. So let us read some praise for those conservatives that are finally taking on Bush.

While your over on TAP check out GOP efforts to cover themselves in the glory that is Bono.

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