October 24, 2005


It is the last day the register to vote in California for the special election. Remember, if you move (and I know my readership, and you are a very mobile group of people) Then you need to re-register. So get yourself to the local Register of Voter or DMV and fill out the card. After all, the more of you guys vote, the bigger my influence will become, and soon I will be wined and dined by the powerful and the beautiful in the hopes of getting the all-important Craigorian Chant endorsement. So my sake, if not the sake of your County and your State, get your ass registered to vote.

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Larry said...

I think my county (Santa Clara) is asleep. Today is Oct. 24 and I have not yet received my absentee ballot. (I know I am signed up because the sample ballot contained a note to that effect.)