October 2, 2005

I Aim to Misbehave

Saw Serenity last night. Turns out I was right to put that banner up. Very well done. All the elements of the TV show were there: Banter, Action, Great Cast. Great Chemistry. There isn't a single member of the cast who isn't perfect in their role. Add in the extra "shiny" big movie production values and you have a great way to spend two hours. I think I'll keep the banner up for a while more.

Basically the movie is the entire second season of Firefly compressed into two hours. Which means that revelations that should have been unveiled slowly over time now all come bursting out at once, which does make things seem a bit rushed. Also, they backed off the "no sound in space" concept from the TV show. There really is no sound in space. In the TV show when action occurred in space it happened with a spooky silence or with just the (very nice) soundtrack as the only sound. It was a really different and attention grabbing. But the movie uses the old "Star Wars" method of swooshing ships and full sound booms. I wish they had stayed different. I only nitpick because I love.

And clearly the movie loves its fans right back. The whole plot is one great big allegory for the movie and its fans. My hope is that the movie does well enough that Joss Weldon can create more product, either TV or Movie in the Serenity 'Verse.

Can't Stop the Signal. I can only hope.

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Erin said...

And this is why I love you Craig. Apart from keeping me up to date on political manuvering, you also keep me up to date on some of the best SciFi fantasy since Farscape.

Sigh, it will be months before it reaches Denmark and even then I doubt anyone will want to see it with me. Sob, I miss my nerd friends!