October 27, 2005

Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

Harriet Miers is out. She has withdrawn her nomination. See ya. So long. Bye-Bye. I guess the White House couldn't take the heat. Now I should really be worried about who Bush is going to appoint in her place, but for now let's just dwell on the embarrassing political defeat that the President has been handed. My, that was an embarrassing political defeat that the President was just handed, wasn't it? Conservatives must really be feeling their oats today. This nomination was defeated from the right. The left just gave her a little push here, a little trip there. They sure didn't catch her when she fell. But the conservatives were what did her in. Prepare yourself for some conservative overreach. Bush is in a tight spot. Low poll numbers mean he can't pick a real hard-right judge and start a real brawl, but conservatives would be happy to shiv any more mushy picks for the bench. Oh, and let's not forget the special prosecutor is coming.

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