October 17, 2005

Can you Believe...

That Sylvester Stallone is making a new Rocky movie?

That they have run out of names for hurricanes?

That a politician can admit a mistake.

That California has to go to the polls again!? A freaken special election! I'm a political junkie and even I'm saying enough. For you poor overwhelmed slobs who need help figuring out how to vote the official Craigorian Chant voter guide will be coming out later this week. I will read throught the eight (!!!) propositions and provide helpful advice. If anybody has any questions, put them up in comments or e-mail. Answers coming soon.


Larry said...

It's obviously very hard to even think about voting for any of the propositions that Arnie is pushing, but the one changing the way we draw legislative districts after a census warrants close scrutiny. Obviously, the current system is bad. Leaving aside Arnie's support, is this one an improvement, and is it enough of an improvement to vote for it (assuming that the rules would not change again in the foreseeable future)?

Larry said...

An article in the Mercury News provided an update. Some groups, like Common Cause, are in favor. But things get fishy when they note that Republican Steve Poizner, running to be the next Charles Quackenbush, donated $1.5 million of his own money to the campaign for this proposition. It may just be pocket change for him, but still, it's real money that could be used instead against all those special interests like nurses and firefighters. The fact that he's putting that much money into it, and the fact that the Calif Republican Party is supporting it, make me tend to vote no. I await your analysis.