October 6, 2005

Rumor Mill

Political Nerd that I am, I really have no interest in if Nick and Jessica are breaking up or that Tom and what's her name are having a baby. (Except to note that both Jessica and what's her name are foxy. Wow!) No the kind of rumor that I'm excited by is that Plame prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was about to indict one or more White House officials in the CIA leak case. Rove apparently hasn't been seen in public recently. So has anybody heard anything?

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Laura said...

I found this interesting tidbit...it appears that Rove is yet again going to testify before the grand jury about the incident. The prosecuter sent a letter telling Rove's lawyers that it was still possible he'd be indicted at a later date, something that apparently wasn't done at when he last testified.

The article I read made it sound like it would be very hard to prove that he "knowingly" disclosed her identity, which is the only way to indict him directly for the leak. However, he can be indicted if it is proved he lied to investigators. And let's all remember that Martha Stewart got 5 months in prison for lying to investigators. I'd be a happy girl if Rove was put in jail. I guess we'd get to see just how far Bush & Co. would go to protect their old buddy.

You can read about it here: