October 16, 2005

Sunday Morning Talk

The Iraqis got to vote again and all it cost was five more American soldiers. Initial reports look like the Constitution will pass. Official results will wait till Monday. We will see if the new Constitution will buy the country any political stability. I think that pessimism would be in order. Pessimism hasn't failed me yet when thinking about Iraq.

NY Times write-up on Judy Miller and the CIA leak case. I'm really not going to read the whole thing. Go read the people on my Perma-Links to get real analysis. Just let me know when the indictments are going to be handed down. According to Time if Rove is indicted, he's out of the White House.

Here's hoping.

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Laura said...

Did anyone else read about how Judy Miller "couldn't remember" who leaked Plame's identity? What the hell did she spend all that time in jail for if she couldn't remember? I say throw her back in a cell and see if another couple of months jogs her memory.