October 5, 2005

More on Miers

Apart from learning that Bush really does stick to his principals, even if it turns out that principal is cronyism, what else have we learned about Harriet Miers? As far as actually knowing what she thinks about the issues that SCOTUS might rule on...Nothing, we got nothing. Before she worked for Bush she was a corporate lawyer in Dallas and her work for Bush will not be released based on attorney client and executive privilege. So we have no idea how she might rule on today's case on doctor assisted suicide. Or pretty much any other case that might end up in front of that honorable court in the next 20 years. Conservatives seem rather nervous about her, which can't be all bad. And she's sixty, which is rather old for court nominees these days. The case can be made for liberals to give her a hug and drive the right-wing nuts. The real issue is what conservative do. Right-winger have had to eat a lot of crap from this President and smile. Is this a bridge too far? They really wanted a clear, open Anti-Roe conservative. Will then end up lining up for Miers or will they finally break with Bush on something?

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Anonymous said...

What I found interesting was that conservatives were openly attacking the president's pick, yet during his speech yesterday, he said something to the effect that democrats would set the tone of her confirmation hearing and that the dems should give her a fair up or down vote.