July 20, 2005


So Bush has his nominee for SCOTUS and its...rather dull. Fifty year old white guy from upstate New York. He has a great (and boring) legal background. He served in a variety of rather dull sounding jobs with GOP administrations. The cases he has ruled on as a judge are boring:

Roberts wrote a dissenting opinion that suggested Congress might lack the power under the Constitution's Commerce Clause to regulate the treatment of a certain species of wildlife.

That's the best that they can come up with as far as his past rulings go. Even his name John Roberts, is boring. I think the whole idea is to lull everyone into a stupor in order to get a very conservative guy on the Court. Of course he is a conservative. His appointment means lost ground on privacy, choice, civil rights, the enviroments and so on. That's what we get when we lose elections. I think the state of politic can be summed up by this FoxNews exchange:

Brit Hume of FOX News captured the moment well last night when, turning from congressional correspondent Brian Wilson to White House reporter Carl Cameron, he chuckled with surprise at Bush's decision to name a white male -- "just like all of us." They all got a nice laugh out of that.


Tyler said...

What about 18 year terms?

Via Steve Sailer:

Isn't it time that Supreme Court Justices got a single 18 year term? Winning a Presidential election would give you two and only two nominations during your four year term. Confirmation battles would be less vicious and you wouldn't have the unseemly sight of John Paul Stevens trying to hang on into his late 80s for a Democrat to win the 2008 election. Also, Presidents would have less incentive to name younger nominees in the hopes of getting three or four decades out of them. Nominate them at about 55 and pension them off at 73.

There would be some problems during the transition phase to the new 18 year system, and the issue would come up of what to do when a justice dies or retires early, but they are all solvable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,

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