July 26, 2005

Lucky and Good

The shuttle got up fine today, mainly because I watched with fingers crossed on both hands. I'm thinking of getting a rabbit foot to watch the reentry.

Election Day in San Diego today. Go, Donna Fry! Surf Chicks Rule.

Governator screws things up:

Last fall, Schwarzenegger rightly cited California's gerrymandered districts as a major cause for the dysfunctional Legislature. He set his legal and political team to drafting a ballot measure to reform how we draw legislative, congressional and Board of Equalization districts. Since then these Keystone Kops have managed to do everything wrong.

The irony is that redistricting is the one part of the Governator's "reform" agenda that might be worth doing. And he gets the paperwork wrong. Maybe having a bad actor as a political leader turns out to not result in smart government, Go figure.

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jess said...

Frye came in at 43%. Unless the 24000 absentee ballots swing wildly her way, there will be a runoff coinciding with the state special election against jerry sanders (27%). Sounds good for donna? Yeah, but ... The third place candidate (steve francis at 23%) was endorsed by the repbulican party. Therefore, it's likely that most of his votes will go to sanders, not frye.
That's the problem with donna frye. She definately has a solid core of support. But one on one against a republican like sanders will be a tough one since the entirety of the business community doesn't like her (plus she lost pieces of labor since sanders is the ex-police chief). Should be fun :)