July 14, 2005

Red Rover, Red Rover

Really can't go a day without more Karl Rove posts. Republicans screechers are turning up the volume. Rush this morning was out of his mind. The GOP stratagy is to just flood the airways with as much crap as possible. I don't feel the need to debunk all this crap so I give you Chatterboxe's Rove Death Watch for that.

Also Sidney Blumenthal has an excellent piece up.

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nascarblue said...

Haha... nice. Unfortunately that slime ball isn't going anywhere.
what I want to know is why the press isn't all over the Jeff Gannon connection...Word has it that he visibly saw the Rove memo directing the Wilson smear.

The NY Times is now reporting that Rove got Plame's name from the media.
NY Times article
I had a feeling Judi Miller was involved. After all, she pulled water for the aluminum tubes that ended up being wrong.