July 25, 2005

Pakistan Trouble

It does seem like when people talk about a terror problem, we really seem to be talking about a Pakistan problem:

Al Qaeda's possible role in the July 7 bombings and the latest attacks remains murky, but one thing is clear to South Asia analysts and Western intelligence officials: Pakistan continues to be a principal recruiting ground and logistical center for global terrorists. This is despite three years of military operations by the U.S. and Pakistan to root out al Qaeda and Taliban members in the remote tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

This is why Bush and conservatives simple revenge model breaks down. The situation on the ground in Pakistan is very complicated with pro- and anti- terror forces within the Pakistan government. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is in a real tricky spot, an unelected leader allied with the United States, who can't help the US too much or he might lose the country. The whole situation is very difficult, but how it turns out will be the factor in how many bombings happen.

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