July 30, 2005

Weekend Talk

This weekend's discussion:

Bernard Goldberg, conservative twerp has wrote a book called 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. I did not make the list, which means I'm just not trying hard enough. And I'm not. You can read the complete list here. Odd stuff. Phil Donahue is 71. Courtney Love is 95.

The question is who make your list?


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're famous. I read about you in the New Times. Keep on keepin on. You make me want to participate, especially after reading that idot Goldberg's list of 100 who screwed up American. He wrote the book about liberal bias in media. No bias with him and his list is there.

Laura said...

Obviously, top of my list is going to be anybody associated with the Bush family in any way. But, there are others, what about people like Timothy McVeigh and David Duke? I was amazed at the people on the list...I mean really, I am willing to give Anna Nicole credit for screwing up her life, but are we really going to say that she has the kind of influence that she could be a reason for the downfall of America. I think she's a symptom, not a cause.

Chris said...

Jon Stewart had a very good refute of Bernard Goldberg's thesis that America is going to hell in a hand basket and that people who produce popular culture are in the driver's seat of that hand basket. Basically his argument goes like this:

1) I challenge your assumption that American's more liberal attitude towards swearing and sexual material implies that we are in a trend of progressive moral decay.
2) My evidence for this is that Americans of the 1950s were by-and-large more churchgoing and polite then those of today, but they allowed segregation.
3) We no longer have segregation, who cares if we say "fuck" occasionally, let's keep things in perspective.
4) Your attack on powerless Holywood stars is misdirected if you want to make America a better place.
5) You should instead look for the place of true power and corruption, which is Washington.

Chris said...

Corrected interview link