July 1, 2005

Super Big News

This just in: Craigorian Chant sources, confirmed by CNN are now saying that Sandra Day O'Connor is leaving Supreme Court. This is huge, Ready big. O'Connor is the swing vote on just about everything that you care about, starting with Roe v Wade. The thought of Bush putting in a Scalia-style conservative in that spot will make a lot of people, including me, go a bit nuts. Look for the mother of all confirmation battles this fall. Everything has been a warm-up till now. There is no other political story for the rest of the year.


Erin said...

There have been surprises in the past where so-called conservative judges become rather liberal once they sit on that particular bench. So, I'll just sit here and keep my fingers crossed. But I won't hold my breath - this promises to be a long, messy confirmation for any nominee.

Laura said...

You know, every day that goes by, Canada looks more and more appealing. Especially since if I move there I'd be able to get married in about a month. Hmmm, or maybe Spain, or perhaps Denmark...really any place that's not slowly eroding the rights of the people.