July 22, 2005

Weekend Open Thread

Going out into the mountains this weekend, so you folks are going to have to make the best of it in the comments section. Here, I'll give you some subjects to talk about.

London: City of the Future?

Will Craig ever get a real job?

Who is more corrupt, Randy "Duke" Cunningham or Tom Delay?

Just what is the matter with Craig, anyway.



Larry said...

I don't know if London is the City of the Future, but it certainly is a great place to visit.

As far as corruption, the GOPhers certainly give us plenty to choose from. In this case, though, I'd have to name DeLay as the winner, if only because of his leadership position in Congress.

Wingnut said...

Nothing is the matter with Craig.

New Topic for Discussion: Who said life was easy?

Erin said...

Hm, I don't know who said life was easy. But I think the saying is "Nobody said life was easy." So when I find this Mister Nobody, I am going to beat him with a stick. Giving me false hope for the future ... jerk.