July 6, 2005

Science Proves Me Right......(To a Large Extent At Least)

I recall several years ago having a good natured argument on the nature of homosexuality. I stated that (and I was refering exclusively to men) you're either gay or you're not, there's no in between. The other two (who will remain nameless) said I was totally wrong and that homosexuality in men was like a continuum, with varying degrees of "gayness" and/or "straigtness" (i.e. bisexuality). I based my arguemnt on common sense, I assume the others based it on political correctness, but I could be wrong. Check this out to see for yourself.


Laura said...

It's interesting, but the opponents of this theory make a really good point that not all sexuality is based on pure animal attraction, which is what would cause the physical reaction in the first place. There are people who end up madly in love with a person they had not been physically attracted to in the beginning.

Sexual orientation is not merely defined as a physical reaction of the anatomy, it also includes the ability to form deep emotional attachments, so these men may be more turned on by other men sexually, but that doesn't mean that they are able to form emotional attachments and intimacy with other men.

Furthermore, as the experts have already pointed out, this experiment would have to be repeated, preferably with a larger group. Also, for some men who are gay and bisexual, gay sex is more exciting due to it's illicit nature, so I'm not sure that any theory could be concretely proven until homosexuality no longer had the allure of the "forbidden."

Wingnut said...

I actually saw this article in the NY Times...

My favorite quote relevant to the topic comes from Jack on the show Will and Grace. It goes a little something like this: "There are gay men, and men that have not met Jack".