July 29, 2005

Yesterdays Terrorists Today

I know this is getting lost in all the action of the London terrorist arrests and all, but it appears that the IRA is giving up armed struggle. Nobody seems that worked up over this. The truth is that North Ireland has been pretty peaceful as of late, with some very messy, non-violent politics and the IRA doing nothing but very non-political crime, like bank robberies. I think the reason no one is making a big deal of this is that it doesn't fit our current all or nothing, struggle to the death with the forces of terror storyline. Terror in Northern Ireland has pretty much come to an end. A messy, ambiguous end with no big event or great victory. Anybody who wants a big parade should look at some other kind of war. A war on terror will never have one.

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Laura said...

This comment is totally unrelated to the post Craig made. It's an issue I only know about because of the regular e-mail updates I get from HRC.

Okay, so there are currently a number of petitions circulating here in California affecting the status of not only gay marriage, but also domestic partnerships. Seems like passing a law defining marriage as one man and one woman wasn't enough. Now, they want to make sure we have no rights at all. This means that all those people who legally filed domestic partnerships would be unable to inherit their partner's property automatically on the partner's death. It also denies health and other benefits, to not only gay couples, but also senior citizens who have chosen to take advantage of this law.

Haven't we been hearing for years that gays can't be married, but they can have their civil unions. Now, they want to take even that from us. I have no doubts that these people will gather enough signatures to put these propostions on the ballot. I just hope that when it comes down to it, Californians will decided that state sponsored discrimination is a bad idea.