July 12, 2005

Kill the King

Karl Rove is the only political story worth talking about today. The key phrase here to remember is "If you are going to strike at the King, you must kill him." Karl Rove is the King of GOP politics today. Marshall Wittmann lays out how important Rove is:

Rove is to this Bush what Lee Atwater was to the father, except more so. He actually created W as a candidate for Governor and then for President. Bush was, and is well aware of how Rove operates. He peddles in gossip, innuendo and rumor to destroy his enemies. Ironically, in this instance he was divulging the truth.

Rove also understands internal GOP politics. It is likely he gave the speech a couple of weeks ago attacking liberals to cement his relationship with the right as he enters this difficult time with the Plame prosecutor. Also, he may be influential in promoting conservative replacements on the Supreme Court to further bolster his standing with the right.

Rove is the nerve center of today's Republican Party. The White House is already lowering the bar for punishment in the Plame case. Unless, the prosecutor has the goods on Karl, he stays. The President and the GOP has no choice. Rove is the closest in Washington to the indispensable man.

If Rove can't be pushed out the back door or go spend more time with his family, then he hast to be defended. That means attacking. Attacking the special prosecutor, the congressional Dems who bring this up, Joe Wilson, the reporters doing the investigating and anyone else involved. That's the only way for Rove to survive. Watch your heads.

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Erin said...

Rove knows where the bodies are, all the secrets, all the messy truths. A petty person who destroys careers and lives with his inside knowledge is an enemy Dubya cannot afford to make. He won't be fired. We can only hope that Dubya takes Rove with him when he leaves D.C.