July 15, 2005

Week in Review

Who is this Karl Rove and why is everyone talking about him?
Real estate grandmaster Duke Cunningham not running for reelection.

Baseball fun. Camping fun. Rove going down. Priceless.

SLO New Times = A great paper.

Today's discussion point: Every Rivercat player get their own theme song, a music clip that plays when they get up to bat. Question: what would you pick for a theme song? It would play for 30 seconds every time you walked into a room. What song would you use?


Tyler said...

I would have them play the 50 Cent/Eminem track "Patiently Waiting" From 50's debut Album "Get Rich or Die Tryin.'" I think its appropriate for a batter at the plate.

Laura McConnell said...

I would have them play "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" by The Spin Doctors. I've been told a few times that the song sort of reminds people of me, and though most people would find that offensive, I'm pretty honest (and damn proud) about how difficult I can be.

Besides, if that was played as my theme song everytime I walked into a room, it would give people who would be bothered by my personality plenty of warning.

ryan said...

this is easy. i would play the theme from the good the bad and the ugly. any opportunity i have to pass myself off as clint eastwood, i have to take. if you could include the trumpet solo, you would be a bad, bad man...

Erin said...

"Not a pretty girl" by Ani Difranco. I always feel pretty tough after listening to it.