July 7, 2005

London and Iraq

First a shameless plug. The good people at the New Times have once again put my words down on real pages with real ink. This piece is on Iraq and Bush. Look for the New Times with the Drag Queen on the cover. Its free, so really you have no excuses.

Obviously the piece was written before today's bombings in London. I would only add that the war in Iraq is not helping the War on Terror. If "War on Terror" means anything, it means stopping attacks like occurred in London today. The Iraq war does nothing to help. Iraq is a resource sink. It is a place where US (and British) soldiers, money, and diplomatic capital go to die. All the resources that could have better directed going after a real terrorist threat are now going Iraq.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the New Times article in comments.


Erin said...

I agree. Iraq has done nothing to stop the flood of terrorism, and in my view has only promoted several countries as specific targets.

Islamic jihad "mastermind" to self: Hm, whom should I bomb today? Hey, I'll bomb London, releasing a statement indicating it was because of their involvement in Iraq! I get to kill Zionist-loving pigs and make a political statement at the same time! Brilliant!

Iraq has become the excuse for the many atrocities committed by both sides.

Erin said...

And now I would like to shamelessly plug my own blog www.archaeogoddess.blogspot.com where I have a hand at creating a conspiracy theory where there may be none.

Tyler said...

Craig, good stuff. Maybe you could post on a similar type Nor Cal online paper?

Erin, only seven posts in 8 months? Well, thats more than Craig's brother-in-law.

Larry said...


Good essay. I say again, though, that Democrats who think they will have an easy time in 2006 because of Bush's bumbling are counting eggs that may never hatch. Remember all those people (like Michael Moore) who thought Kerry was a shoe-in. The Dems are going to have to earn their way back into power. Howard Dean knows that (though whether his methods will prove successful remains to be seen), but does anyone else? The problem is, the Dems can't decide whether they need to move left or right - and as long as they waiver, no one will find them appealing.

Wingnut said...

Congrats on getting your words in print!!! Great stuff.