July 27, 2005

What to Watch

Ah summer. Time to watch TV but nothings on. But wait, a new show. It’s called Over There and it’s about the Iraq War. Nobody has every tried to do a TV show on a war while it happens. The show is earning some serious buzz. The Bee's great TV critic writes:

The writing is simple and clear, almost hard-boiled, and it lets us slowly and completely engage these people. As the show and the episodes move on, we'll learn more about them, about their unit and their lives back home. It's done slowly and completely, too, and that is maybe the strongest element to this series.

It is clearly a ground-level view of the war, a soldier's view, as removed from the politics of the Iraq conflict as any soldier's life would be.

What it is not, despite some grumbling in the usual political quarters, is a comment on the Iraq war, except to the point out that any story of people at war, if it's honest, carries the anti-war message that battle is always horrific and inhuman.

I know I'll be watching.

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Darcee said...

Simply amazing. It is a very powerful show with no comment on if this war is wrong or just. It simply gives the picture of what it is like for the soldiers. I have always respect soldiers for what they do (I know I could never do it), but this show demonstrates just how horrific their daily dealings can be. It is a great show.