June 30, 2005

Girly, Girly, Girly

More bad Schwarzenegger numbers. The Field Poll, which is the last word for CA polling has him in real trouble:

The survey found 57 percent of voters are not inclined to vote for Schwarzenegger if he runs for re-election next year, compared with 56 percent who said in February they were inclined to re-elect the Republican governor.

One other interesting bit is that both state Treasurer Phil Angelides and state Controller Steve Westly are beating the Governator in head to head match-ups. See ya later Governator.


Laura said...

You know, these numbers, much like the declining Bush numbers ought to make me happy, but all I keep thinking is how the idiots who voted for these idiots are pissing me off. Couldn't they have foreseen (much the way we intelligent folks who did not vote for these idiots saw) that these idiots would do a bad job.

Sigh...better late than never, I suppose.

Larry said...

I believe the proper salutation is "hasta la vista!"

However, never underestimate the Democrats' ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. (See November, 2004 for a prime example.)