June 9, 2005

What I want on this, the Day of my Birth

Today is my birthday! Yeah! I would like:

A more Influential Blog - the Chant is ranked 54,012th out of 102,649 blogs on BlogStreet. Frankly I'm better than that.

Someone to explain women to me.

Someone to stop really stupid GOP ideas.

Something to hit Paul Wolfowitz with.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's great.

Chris said...

Happy birthday, Craig!

Women are the females of the the human species. They are as strong and as capabible as the male, and also bare the young. As with many primates their courtship ritual is a socailly complex process, and involves a strange and oft bewildering mix of plumage, pheromones, and ineffable spark. If I were you I would try fish instead. I've heard that the sea contains plenty of them.

Laura said...

I've already told you once, but once again...Happy Birthday!

And about understanding women, well, I don't get them either (which is unfortunate as I not only am one, but also am in love with one...sigh), but I will echo Chris's sentiment about the plenty of fish in the sea thing. And I'll add that any girl who doesn't get how absolutely fabulous you are clearly has some issues and you'd be better off doing some fishing in a different area!!

Tyler said...

Happy B-day. The big 28.....

As for women...I would suggest you try the "I don't love dem hos-I'm out da door" philosophy.

Basically, its a laid back mind set in which you treat women like objects. That way you won't get hurt if things don't work out; but you still may get some play out of the situation.

Here is some stongly suggested listening to get you started:

Wingnut said...

Explaining women? That's impossible! If the mystery of women wasn't a mystery, where would the fun in life be?

Darcee said...

Happy B-day Big Brother!!!