June 17, 2005


Slate has some interesting stuff on Terri Schiavo. The autopsy showed she was blind. However:

That isn't what Schiavo's parents, pro-lifers, and congressional Republicans told us all these years. They said videos showed her eyes following people and objects. "In the video footage, which you can actually see on the Web site today, she certainly seems to respond to visual stimuli," Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist declared three months ago as he spearheaded a congressional invasion of the case.

In fact Terri was more than blind. Half her brain was gone. She had no mind, could not form thoughts, could not think. Conservatives cannot deal with reality. I know why Terri's parents believed this. The question is why did everyone else do so. Or did they?

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Laura said...

In a further disgusting display using this poor woman to further political agendas, good old Jeb is now asking that her husband be investigated as to whether or not he had something to do with her collapse and how long he waited before calling for help, despite no evidence from medical examiners that there was foul play...you can read about it here...