June 16, 2005

Run For Cover

Congressional Republicans are having a political moment much like that dream we all used to have about showing up at school naked. They have been caught out in the open backing some very questionable, unpopular stuff. Members of Congress, unlike Bush, are up for election in 2006, and are seeking some cover. So we see them breaking ranks with Bush on the Patriot Act and the Iraq War. The GOP is also looking for a way out on Social Security Reform.

The problem for the GOP is that Bush is not running for cover. The entire Bush ideal is built around "staying the course." We will see if he keeps to a course that takes him off a political cliff.

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Overseas Will said...

Straight up. But looking at the recent news stories, it looks like the right-wing fortress is showing a few cracks. These guys have been saying to themselves, "if only those common fools could understand the decisions we am making." The problem for them is, we do. And now a majority of the country has caught on.