June 28, 2005

Fun With Polls

Also fun with new easier to use graphic posting. Bush approval rating over time or I like to call it "Gravity."

Also check out Survey USA for a State-by-State approval rating of Bush. His best State? Utah. His worst? Vermont.


ryan said...

This has probably been brought up before, but it just occured to me. If you are going to be a president like GW, who really incurs the wrath of a lot of people through his presidenting, what would you do to avoid being assassinated? The answer that just occured to me is: Dick Cheney! Have someone that everyone fears/hates even more than you as the VP. And W found the one person that could achieve that. I mean, who cares how much everyone hates him, he is obviously better than Dick Cheney. Perhaps I have misunderestimated the genius of this president...

Larry said...

This is worth reading (via Andrew Tobias) - a long-time Republican finally calls it quits:



larry said...

Oops, looks like there's a bug in the blog. Here's the URL in two parts - put them together to get the full address: