June 27, 2005

Young Elephants at Play

Check out this blog from Campus Progress coming to you live from the the College Republicans Convention:

Stars and Stripes was rockin' out. Conventionette regaled me with what I had missed earlier in the night, such as the election of the Wet Caucus Chair. This election, apparently, is decided not by the comparatively mundane "voting" method, but instead by the lesser-known but infinitely better "chugging" method, according to which the victor is chosen by who can consume one beer the fastest.
I'm still trying to decide which t-shirt to buy. "Kick a Commie for Ronnie" is $20, but it's ringer tee, and I'm not a huge fan of the ringers. (Tough to say no to such a great phrase, though.) The Uncle Sam one that says, "Liberals: I want YOU to move to Canada" is $16, and it's cheaper-looking, too, which is always good. I'm feeling the latter.
Three young, blond, heavily southern accented women ran by me at one point in towels and bathing suits, chuckling to themselves, Man this has been a great convention so far! Worth noting, a smirking male was in tow.

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