June 8, 2005

United States Health Care Sucks Part 7

The American Heath Care system is bad. We spend more money, cover less people, and don't get as good results as the universal coverage plans in Europe. Case in point:

Health insurance premiums will cost families and employers an extra $922 on average this year to cover the costs of caring for the uninsured, according to a report released on Wednesday.

With the added cost, the yearly premiums for a family with coverage through an employer will average $10,979 in 2005, said the report from consumer group Families USA.

By 2010, the additional costs for the uninsured will be $1,502, and total premiums will hit $17,273. In 11 states, the costs of the uninsured will exceed $2,000 per family.

For individuals, the extra charge this year is estimated to be $341 on average, rising to $532 in 2010. Total premium charges for individuals will be $4,065 in 2005, and $6,115 in 2010.

We are doing things badly and its costing us. This isn't a trade-off between spending a lot of money and quality care for all. In our system we both spend more money and end up with more unhealthy people. We can do better.

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