June 21, 2005


Latest poll numbers are out for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and all I can say is ouch.

Less than a third -- 31 percent -- of the state's adults approve of the job the governor is doing in Sacramento, down from 54 percent in February. The numbers are only slightly better among registered voters, 37 percent of whom are happy with Schwarzenegger's performance and 53 percent dissatisfied.

Thats a really bad number. A Grey Davis number. The funny thing is that at least Grey had rolling blackouts to blame. All of the Govenator's wounds have been self-inflicted, picking fights with nurses, and so on. His call for a special election has landed like a dead duck. Having a movie star in charge has lost its appeal:

It is pathetic that Californians bought the hype, but then that's what we do. But like the good little faddists we are, when the fad dies we reject it with a vehemence . Nobody wants to be seen in last year's fashions. Live by the trend, die by the trend.

My prediction is that the Govenator is going move to left in a big way. The only way to make up ground is in the middle, because, unlike with Bush, there are just not enough voters on the right in CA to get his ass reelected. Look for some big new program ment to appeal to all those moderates and lefties.

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Laura said...

See, this is what happens you elect a movie star. It's never a good idea. What did electing a movie star ever get us besides a president who thought ketchup was a vegetable and an immigrant governer who is frighteningly anti-immigrant.