June 25, 2005


Iraq is an unpopular war. Its official. AP News now leads with lines like this:

As public support for his Iraq policy declines, President Bush is working to convince wary Americans that he has a military and political strategy for success in the war in which 1,730 U.S. troops have been killed.

Why, the Iraq war is getting so unpopular that even Young Republicans are no longer willing to sign up for military service. Oh wait.

In this poll, more Americans believe that Bush is responsible for starting the war then Saddam. That has to be some kind of public opinion turning point.

All this has led Bush scrambling to shore up public opinion on the war. Look for a major speech on the War this coming Tuesday. It will at Fort Bragg with the soldiers of the 82nd airborne used as props.

At a certain point Bush may be faced with the choice between setting deadline to leave Iraq or losing the Congress. It really may come down to that. That's when we find out what Bush really believes in. See which war; the one in Iraq or the one against Democrats; he really believes in.

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