June 20, 2005

Water Cooler Material

Got nothing to talk about? Here you go.

Matthew Yglesias makes the good case that we should Free Katie!

Craigorian Chant reader Erin has found this week's official parlor game:

Who is the "Greatest" American?

Please note that Ann Coulter (Boo, Hiss) is part of the celebrity panel.



Tyler said...

You mean this is even a contest?

No American even comes close to Franklin. He accomplished more in his life than all the other nominees combined: He revolutionized the post office, improved fire departments, libraries, founded the Philosophical Society invented the lightning rod, a new type of stove, was the best newspaper man and politician of his time and most important for our independence from the Brits he got France to like us. So much so they went to war with us! France---War! Their admiration for us went so far that they even copied our Revolution. But of course they screwed it up. No country Revolts like America.

If I had to pick one person living or dead that defines America, it would be Franklin.

If you haven't already figured it out, my vote is for Ben.

Tyler said...

Oh and by the way...if you disagree with me, this will prove to you that I'm right:
Big Ben

Laura said...

What I want to know is how Ronald Reagan made the short list for Greatest American? You can make a good arguement for the other five, but Reagan? Come on, people...

Anonymous said...

Just watched the finale for this show and you're not going to believe it... I guess it illustrates the nation's collective mindset today :(

10. FDR
9. Oprah
8. Elvis
7. Bill Clinton
6. George W. Bush (!!!!)

5. Benjamin Franklin
4. George Washington
3. Martin Luther King, Jr.
2. Abraham Lincoln
1. Ronald Reagan (!!!!)