June 15, 2005

San Diego

The game is afoot in San Diego, better known as the land where I got my Poli-Sci degree.

Donna Frye is leading polls to win the Mayor special election. The surf chick is going to shake things up. She has gone from write-in gladfly to frontrunner. And as a liberal in a rather conservative city. This is something to watch.

Also, San Diego Congress-critter Randy "Duke" Cunningham is getting in a bit of a bother. It seems a defense contractor paid $600,000 more than market price for Duke's house. TPM is on the story, and when Josh gets into something, you just have to sit back and watch.

I expect Craigorian Chant San Diego correspondent Jess to weigh in as well.


jess said...

Hi there folks. I was out of town for a long weekend going to Bonnaroo in TN and am just now catching up with everything.

Yes, Donna Frye is a badass. Currently running at 41% with sanders at 34%. The former police chief (sanders) is picking up some general law enforcement support. And there is concern that she'll lose municipal labor union support because she recently backed cuts to their benefits in order to help with our massive deficit. And the business community is downright terrified of her. But I'm still hoping that she'll continue to kick ass. It now looks like a runoff, if necessary, will be combined with the newly announced special election that our lovely governor has called.

The corruption trial involving two of our current city council members is currently in week 6. Basically, the prosecution has a bunch of shady witnesses that have entered into plea agreements and some shaky evidence to back it up. Soon, the defense will come in and start bashing the witnesses. Should be fun.

On a side note, did anyone catch the clip of my lovely house rep duncan hunter on the daily show the other night? In order to demonstrate that gitmo prisoners were not being tortured, he read their dinner menu. To further hammer home his point, he actually brought out platefuls of prisoner food to show us how well fed they are. Does that really do anything to prove that other bad things don't happen? I haven't had a logic class in awhile, but that just doesn't work.

More to come I'm sure from the second most fun political city around

BLOGBANK said...

Last night I spent an hour or so talking with Jerry Sanders and found him to be a solid individual with a clear vision for the future of San Diego. I am impressed, wrote his campaign a check and will vote for him.