June 7, 2005

Future Fun

Elections I will be looking forward to:

Katherine Harris is going to run for Senator from Florida. Harris of course is the bad make-up job at the center of the 2000 Florida vote. She already made it to Congress by running in a solid GOP seat, but a Statewide Florida Race will be...Interesting. Avenge Gore! Beat Harris!

John McCain, every democrat's favorite Republican is gearing up for a 2008 Presidential run. If I had to have a GOP President, I would pick McCain, cause with him at least I wouldn't have this terrible feeling in my gut every time I think about who is President now. Of course if I am ok with him, the GOP base will not be, so he will never get the GOP nomination. It will be fun to watch him try, however.

Wars to look forward to:

Cal Thomas wants to go to war with China. Fun times.

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