June 14, 2005

In Praise of Air America

And now the Craigorian Chant media report. Air America has been now been on the air for over a year and hanging tough. They now have 62 stations nationwide. Now, Rush has 400 stations, so it's not a level playing field yet, but this is progress. For example, here in SLO 1340 switched to AA from bush-league conservatives. That's a real change in what people hear. Why be the #3 conservative station in a market when you can be the #1 liberal station. So, real shift is underway. By the way, unlike TV ratings or Movie box office, it's impossible to get radio ratings online. It's like they are state secrets or something. So it is very hard to get a real sense of how AA is doing versus Rush, Hannity, and so on. As far as shows go, Al Franken remains the flagship. Very funny, cutting stuff. Randi Roads is just plain mean. For all the talk of Franken being the lefty Rush, Randi Roads is really the left's big bully. I do like that she's out there. See my previous post on Dean and the comments afterwards on the need for lefties to be mean. Roads is less fun to listen to than Franklin. Majority Report turns out to be rather good as well. Who knew?

After the 1994 GOP wins the story was all about conservative talk radio. If the donkeys win back seats in 2006, look for AA to get all kinds of attention.


Tyler said...

Craig. I have some very bad news for you.
Air America really, really sucks.

The Craig said...

First T good find, getting some radio ratings. Too bad we have to get them from an ass. First of all, AA is a year old. If they got even with Rush, who has been building an audience for 20 years, it would be the media story of the century. Second, the main point of AA is having someone to fired back. AA means that the left finally has a real answer to Rush et al. Someone to push back.