October 29, 2004

4 More Days! 4 More Days!

New Osama Tape is out. Impact uncertain. Keep it mind it was Bush that missed the chance to get the guy.

I would just like to go on the record as saying that I have been a very vocal supporter of John Kerry on this web site and that I would make an excellent campaign representitive. Please send me to Hawaii! I could convince 4, maybe 5, people with my killer pro-Kerry speech. Plus, it would give me the 12 hour plane flight to try and win over Alexandra Kerry with my wit and charm. I can see it now. Having delivered our speeches to great acclaim at the local High School, Alexandra and lie out on a white sandy beach, drinks with little umbrellas in our hands...

Instead, I must do what I can where I can. So I must brave the cold of a San Luis Obispo night to get door hangers ready for election day, not a single bikini-clad future first daughter in sight. Sigh.

By the way if you want to help, but don't want to brave the cold night air give VoterCall a try. You can call voters from the comfort of your nice, warm home. Use those spare cell phones minutes to help America.

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