October 24, 2004

Craigorian Chant Voter Guide

The lucky voters of California get to vote on no less than 18 ballot measures. To help the good voter of California I will present my view of how you should vote.

Prop 1a - This Prop ensures that the State can't take money from local Government in the event of a budget crisis. As I plan to be working for a local government as a planner for the next few years, this measure should help keep me from being laid off due to lack of funds. The Chant recommends Yes.

Prop 60 - Minor Ballot tinkering. The Chant does not Care.

Prop 61 - Creates weird "Jungle" Primary with everybody on one ballot and no party registration to vote for people. Stupid. Makes primary kind of like general. Confusing. Makes a mess. The Chant recommends No

Prop 66 - Amends "3 Strikes" law. Violent felons only. No more 25 to life for stealing a bike. The Chant recommends Yes.

Prop 67 - Increase telephone fees to pay for more ER's. Not that I have anything against ER's I love George Clooney, but this is a really stupid way to pay for them. Telephone fees? You can't just tax [random activity] to pay for [random good thing] These things have to make sense. The Chant recommends No

Prop 68 and 70 - Indian Gaming. Got the feeling with both of these that someone is trying pull a fast one. This kind of thing should go to through the Governor and the State Legislators . If they screw it up we can just recall them. The Chant recommends No on both.

Prop 71 - Stem Cell Research. Could cure diseases. Stick it to Bush. Well worth spending your money on. Plus, California owns anything that gets discovered so if these stem cells cure cancer we can pay for more planners. The Chant recommends Yes

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Laura said...

Overall good stuff here, but perhaps you should think again about prop 67. I suppose on the surface it does seem a bit silly that we should tax phone usage to pay for an ER. However, if you look closely at the initiative, the cap on residential phone lines is a mere 50 cents, something most of us wouldn't even notice. Also, the funds are going to come from other "more appropriate" places, like tobacco tax and criminal and traffic penalties. Our ER's are grossly underfunded and as a frightening number of CA citizens are uninsured and therefore reliant upon the services of local ER, the money has to come from somewhere.