October 16, 2004

Breaking News

This just into Craigorian Chant World Headquarters:

Dick Cheney has killed a deer! I'm sorry I had to go there, but it's less than 3 weeks till the election and I'm willing to go low if I have to. If there is a soft-hearted swing voter out there that will swing to Kerry due to the death of Bambi, then I say that innocent Pennsylvania deer did not die in vain.

I am also willing try and scare the crap out of our younger readers with talk of a draft. Read here and here about Republican efforts to shut down debate on the subject. While I remain skeptical as to whether a draft will ever be implimented, at this point, if it gets the stoned slackers to vote then lets talk about the draft.

If you insist on high minded talk of foriegn policy then go toWar and Piece. We will have none of that here.

Seriously we are now at the stage of the game where It's "all about" Everything. I'm working up a Craigorian Chant voter guide. What do you want to know about?

Alright, Citizen Fish is registered. How about the rest of you. Three days left. Vote or Die you bums.

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