October 9, 2004

Totally Trivial Debate Analysis

Boy, that Kerry sure is tall. Much taller than Bush. Clear winner. Also Kerry had a better tie. And remained calm thoughout. Bush seemed a little punchy up there. Also, does anybody notice that Bush only has about 30 seconds worth of talking points? Kerry can do 2 minutes on a subject, plus the 90 seconds follow-up, plus the 30 second follow-up and still say new things. After the first 30 seconds, which sometimes are quite good answers Bush just begins to repeat himself. Rove should really make him study harder.

Also I must say that Keith Oberman is the man.:

The point awarded to Mr. Bush in the thirteenth round is hereby withdrawn and awarded to Mr. Kerry, for the latter's enterprising hoisting of his opponent on said opponent's own petard.

Mr. Bush is also penalized three points for a truth foul.
Mr. Bush is further penalized two points for getting snarky while in the act of being factually incorrect.

Also worth checking out is this Time poll that has Kerry moving up 6 points into a 45-45 tie. A freaking tie! But:

On being "likeable," a key strength for Bush in 2000, Bush now trails Kerry, 70% - 65%. (Bush had a slight 4 point lead on likeability before the debate.) Bush still leads Kerry by a wide margin, 81% - 42% on "sticking to his positions."

Kerry is more "likeable" Kerry wins! Ha Ha.

Finally I link to this story only because it contains both strippers and city politics. Who doesn't love to read about strippers and zoning. I know I do:

The "Strippergate" controversy erupted last year when it was revealed that Councilman Jim Compton and then-council members Judy Nicastro and Heidi Wills had accepted at least $39,000 in campaign contributions from Colacurcio and his associates before the council approved a controversial rezone of a Colacurcio club.

The three joined in a 5-4 majority voting in favor of a rezone that allowed Colacurcio to expand parking at Rick's strip club on Lake City Way, overturning past denials by the council and city land-use officials.

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