October 17, 2004

Moment of Fame

I realized this morning that I haven't really talked about what a marvelous paper the San Luis Obispo Tribune is. Really, I mean it. This is great paper. It brings clarity and insight to issues important to the Central Coast. You should pick up a copy today. Today, Sunday the 17th of October. The Central Coast Living section is the best part. Best to go there first. Why look, it's a newspaper story about blogs and the elections. What are the chances? Why look, I'm quoted several times. Craigorian Chant is a featured part of the story. What a pleasant surprise.

My favorite part:

As a Kerry supporter, Baracco's post-debate analysis was obviously bias. But thanks to his blog, www.craigorianchant.blogspot.com his views can reach just a many people as the post-debates spinners on CBS or Fox News

Bias! I'm insulted. Hey, I came to those conclusions in a fair-minded and evenhanded manner. The fact I'm always thinking Kerry did better is sheer chance.

I do have couple of beefs with the story: one small, one big. My small beef is with the photos. I look like a complete goof-ball with my mouth hanging open in the photo they ran. The guy with the conservative blog looks all sharp in a suit and tie (Do they issue suit and ties to young conservatives at birth?) Obviously this is a clear case of media bias. My real beef with the story is that it isn't online. I can't link to it! How are my parents going to read it? It was in story; we bloggers need stuff to link to. You can't run a story about a Soapbox in Cyberspace and not put the story online. It's just wrong.

Update: Link to story here.


Anonymous said...

Craig, the Tribune does have some good points but several major deficiencies.

They are owned by a gobble-it-up media conglomerate, they have a severe bias towards SLO proper issues and people and their political endorsements border on insane.

However, thier coverage on blogs led me to your site so I will look you up from time to time.

Good to meet you, take care,


Chris said...

I love the point about you having the potential to reach an audience as large as CBS. Let us know when you get drafted to host Crossfire. I hear that Jon Stewart is looking for some replacements for the current hosts.

Guy Murray said...

Craig, one who disagrees with another is going to claim bias no matter what. The fact of the matter is that the BC 04 crowd pushes the truth envelope so far, it makes Alice in Wonderland look almost credible. Nice blog and article today in the Trib. I've now got you bookmarked on my browser. Keep up the good work, and keep hope alive--the hope that these recent polls are nonsense and that Americans all over this country who have not voted in years and not captured in the "likely voter" net will be moved in mass to institute our own regime change.