October 13, 2004

Mmmmmm Debate

I go home and try and watch TV and all that is on is this dumb Presidential Show. I've seen this show before. Twice.

I'm just going to put this out there. Bush has been President for almost four years now. You think that sort of thing would rub off on guy after a while. But the man just seems petty up there. Like the guy running for class president making fun of the smart kid. "I'm dumb but he's a nerd." Bush started off way to many bit with a bad joke. His body language often seemed to be saying "Can you believe I even have to talk to this guy?" Kerry is amazingly steady through all this. He can maintain that stateman's poise through anything. Bush makes fun of his mom; he keeps his eye on the prize. This is the most important thing that these men will ever do. Ever. Nothing, not their marriages, their children, nothing they will ever do is more important then this. Kerry knows this. Convince me that Bush does.

Stealing from PoliticalWire, the insta-polls have Kerry winning:

CNN/Gallup - Kerry 52% Bush 39%
CBS News - Kerry 39% Bush 29%
ABC News - Kerry 42% Bush 41%

Also, Bush committed a Massive Error.

It's about Bin Laden and we have video tape. Both lines are bad for Bush. This is going to make every news story for the next 48 hours and if somebody doesn't put this in an ad we should just give up right now.


Laura said...

I would just like to add that I hope all of the other students out there dependent upon pell grants for their education threw things at their t.v. like I did when Bush said he had not cut education spending. What a liar that man is.

Chris said...

I personally think that it was a brilliant rhetorical move on Bush's part: claim that more Pell grants had been issued under his administration, without mentioning that the reason for this was because many many more families have fallen into poverty, and without mentioning that he had actually cut the amount awarded in each grant.